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Search engines available in our Keyword Analyzer:

Keyword Analyzer –
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With the Keyword Planner you can define relevant keywords for your online marketing campaigns and for the optimization of your website with minimal effort. Stay ahead of your online search engine competition and find out the size of your potential target group at the same time.

  • Aim your campaign perfectly at your target group

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How does the Keyword Analyzer work?

First of all you can enter any word of your choice. Shortly thereafter you will receive information on how often this keyword has been searched and above all you can see how the search volume has changed over time. All of this information is in one overview. The Keyword Analyzer by schubwerk shows you the development of the search volume prolonged over a year. This helps you to assess how important the individual keyword is to your project.

Besides the search volume, the “competition” function is particularly usefull. The Keyword Analyzer calculates an index value that gives you an idea of how much competition you are likely to expect in the keyword you are looking up: low, medium, or high. This will give you a good sense of how important the keyword is for the planned ad campaign and what keywords should be of particular value. The annual overview also determines and displays the average competition automatically.

Within the analysis the Keyword Analyzer also displays the “cost-per-click” (CPC) that a keyword might generate. This special billing model is used primarily in the field of online marketing and regulates the payment of advertising measures. The advertising customer does not pay a lump sum, but every time and only if the user actually clicks on the banner ad, the Keyword Tool displays just the possible amount. This allows you to set a rough budget and decide weither you would be willing to pay the displayed price per click or not at the same time. The annual overview also calculates and displays the average CPC automatically.


Advantages of the Keyword Analyzer by schubwerk

The Keyword Analyzer can be found in the navigation under the tab “Quickcheck”. The advantage of the Keyword Analyzer by schubwerk is that you not only get an overview of the search volume for the keyword and similar variants of the keyword, but you also get a list of the different variants separately from the originally entered keyword. For example if you type in “keyword”, you’ll see a spreadsheet under the yearly summary that shows you similar variations such as keyword planner, keywords, keyword tool, and many more. Next to that you will see, among other things, the respective search volume, the CPC and the competition. In addition you have the option to click on a bar chart icon to see the evolution of the search volume of these similar keywords spread over a year.

Google has meaningful search volume results for many search queries, but there are other search engines and channels that can be included in keyword research.  For example the keyword analyzer by schubwerk covers Bing as another search engine.

If, for example, you also want to find out the frame of your social media strategy, which search volume certain keywords have on Instagram or YouTube, you can use this tool to carry out this keyword analysis. You’ll also get a broader view of additional hashtags for your campaigns using related terms.

Another peculiarity, and thus also a benefit of using the Keyword Analyzer, is that marketplaces like Amazon or Ebay are also integrated. This way you have a good basis for the successful marketing of your products.

In summary one can note that with the Keyword Analyzer you always have your relevant keywords at a glace. You’ll see a history of search volume evolution and new ideas of relevant related keywords and you can search for relevant keywords for your campaigns, product marketing, social media strategies and site optimization of other relevant channels.


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