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Would you like to know how visitors move through your website and what barriers there are?
We integrate different tools like Hotjar or Eyequant.

  • User movement clearly traceable

  • UX optimization potential directly evident

  • Define and eliminate conversion barriers

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Possibilities of the UX Analyzer:

Usability Analyzer – How does it work?

In order to generate buyers from website visitors nowadays, you have to make sure that the most important content is visible within three seconds. 70 percent of websites are not adapted to this. Effective design makes it easier for users to find what they’re looking for. With Usability Analyzer’s visual attention analysis, you can see how users react to your designs before they go online. This ensures that important content is at the forefront from the moment the designs are launched. In addition, most websites are too overloaded. Too much content on a page leads to cognitive strain on visitors, confusion and frustration. With the Usability Analyzer you can objectively measure the clarity of your own designs, compare alternatives and make comparisons with competitors. Above all, you can understand how users best deal with your core messages and call-to-actions.

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The Usability Analyzer uses heatmaps to check the usability of a website. A heatmap is the visualization of data. These are represented by the colors of a thermal imaging camera, which are collected by a software to show the user behavior on a website. The resulting map then makes the user’s movement patterns visible. In this way you can find out if the user is looking at the places on the website where he originally was supposed to look.

  • Visual attention analysis

  • Measure the clarity of your own designs

  • Trace users’ movement patterns

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