Your challenge

A simple control of your company with key figures? A management that is fun? At a glance and in real time?

Complex handling of the systems?

Dependent on Excel, departments or service providers?

Lack of transparency in your business KPIs?

Our solution

The Smart Business Analytics Suite from schubwerk. All key figures individually according to your requirements at a glance. Transparency for controlling your company. With the simplest use for managers.

All key figures from your systems at a glance.

Mapping sales funnel with sales pipeline and lead management

Einfache Visualisierung und Berechnung Ihrer KPIs zur Geschäftsentwicklung in Echtzeit

Individual integration of your systems from web tracking, CRM, ERP, HR to Finance

Individual dashboard with your KPIs at a glance from marketing, sales to production, HR & finance

Your benefits with schubwerk

  • Fast reporting of all KPIs

    from different systems in real time

  • Very easy & mobile use

    suitable for management

  • Overview of your campaign efficiency

    to eliminate inefficient campaigns

  • Independent of subcontracting

    from agencies and specialist departments

  • Complete sales funnel

    to show efficiency, weak points & optimization measures

  • Significant Savings - Time, Effort & Tools

    Cost Reduction for Your Success

Features at a glance

Easy dashboard

All relevant business key figures at a glance – you have all key figures visualized together across all systems. With its simple handling, the schubwerk tool impresses with its effortless use – even for management.  

Sales & Distribution Funnel

Where do you stand in marketing and sales? Keep the overview! See in real time what your sales pipeline currently looks like and what individual leads & sales really cost you.

All relevant information at a glance!

All tools at one glance

We integrate your tools into our schubwerk platform for you. This allows you to see all relevant key figures at a glance. And all of this in real time without the need for deliveries from service providers or specialist departments. Doing without Excel & Co. not only saves you costs, but also reduces the frequency of errors and long processes. 

Key figures development

How do your key figures develop over time, compared to plan and compared to the competition? Use the schubwerk tool as an efficient control instrument for your company.

Action lists

Do you manually track agreed measures with departments, employees or service providers? Why not use our simple list functions – from projects to sales. Our simple CRM solution also gives you direct control and access to your sales pipeline.

Your Benefits

Numbers. Data. Facts. By using schubwerk, you demonstrably save effort, time and costs – including greater transparency. A control system that is fun to use.

What potential do you have? Let us talk to you.



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Budget savings


by efficiency*

Cost savings

> 5.000€

due to lower effort*

Time saved per week

2 days

by automation*

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