Your challenge

No optimal overview of your online marketing KPIs? Lack of transparency regarding the development of your website and the performance of your online marketing? No management tools for your teams and agencies? Dependent on third party suppliers?  

Numerous independent tools with no big picture?

Dependent on external service providers?

Complex handling of the systems (partly via Excel)?

Lack of transparency in the sales funnel from potential, visits to leads & sales?

No overview of the performance of individual campaigns in different channels?

No concrete measures for optimization?

Our solution

Easy control of your (online) marketing from the website to the success of the marketing. Your sales funnel with all relevant key figures from different systems at a glance. Overview of campaign efficiency across all channels and game types (posts & ads) with ROI. Enjoy simple control that is fun to use.

Integrated web tracking across all channels (including Google, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon)

Website & Online Marketing Performance Development

Mapping of complete sales funnel up to the purchase

Development and interpretation of all digital marketing KPIs at a glance

Campaign efficiency across all channels by lead & sales success (CPC/L/S)

Lead management incl. sales list and marketing & lead automation

Our prices


89 Monthly
  • 1 User
  • 1 Country
  • 1 Domain / Campaign
  • Google Analytics, Pagespeed, W3C


599 Monthly
  • 3 User
  • 5 Countries
  • 5 Domains / Campaigns
  • Basic-Tools + sistrix


1199 Monthly
  • 10 User
  • 5 Countries
  • 5 Domains / Campaigns
  • Business-Tools + SAP + 3 weitere
  • 2h Support per month

Your Benefits

  • Easy transparency

    Efficient with all KPIs in real time from all systems

  • All tools in one

    the Schubwerk tool as an all-in-one solution

  • Efficient budget allocation

    by eliminating inefficient campaigns

  • Reduction of time and costs

    by automating processes and dispensing with Excel & Co.

The tools at a glance

All figures at a glance

All relevant business key figures at a glance – across systems!

Sales & Distribution Funnel

Where do you stand in marketing? Keep the overview! Quickly find relevant keywords – for Google, Amazon, YouTube, and more.

All relevant information at a glance!

Campaign efficiency (ROI)

Which campaigns and channels bring success? Control your marketing and optimize your budget calculation. 

From Onliners for Onliners

Schubwerk stands for intelligent marketing and sales management, and its genesis is compact and tangible – just like the tool itself.
It all started with our online marketeer, for whom the constant logging into different tools and the tedious linking of the diverse amounts of data stole too much time. By the time we had this data nicely and clearly presented in Excel or Power Point, more hours had passed – hours that could have been invested more usefully elsewhere. So a vision began to form in our heads: a tool that could unite all these steps. A tool that shows campaign efficiency, connects all relevant tools and KPI’s and shows the linkage of all data at a glance to enable efficient work.

Initially, we developed schubwerk according to the motto „We for Us“ in order to be able to control and optimize the performance of the marketing activities we carry out – without long Excel lists. However, since there was a lot of enthusiasm for the raw version of the tool at trade fairs, the decision was made: we would develop the tool further together with our customers and give other agencies / interested parties the opportunity to benefit from it. Not an „Us for Us“, but a „From Onliners for Onliners“.

After a lot of heart and soul, time and joint programming barbecue weekends, schubwerk is now a tool with which you can control and optimize your marketing activities transparently, easily and operationally. But our journey does not end here: We are constantly working on connecting various tools from different areas as well as on an intelligent, self-learning system for forecasting business activities.
You have more ideas and want to contribute to the development of schubwerk? Then become a part of the community and contact us!