Your challenge

How is your current website and online marketing performing? What potential do your products and services have on Google, Amazon & Co. How do you stand up to the competition? Do the self-check!

How is the performance of my website & marketing?

How do users move around my website?

How am I listed on Google?

Where do I determine my keyword potential for Google, Amazon, Bing & Co?

How is the visibility of my website? How does my presence compare to competitors?

What are customers looking for?

Our solution

Easily determine the performance of your website and online marketing with our Smart Working tools. Our quick checker tools give you a quick overview of the current status, your potential and concrete measures. Test them yourself right away!

Keyword Analyzer - Determining your potential across all channels

Website Performance Analyzer

Usability Analyzer

Performance of your website & online marketing KPIs at a glance

Visibility Analyzer (incl. competition)

Ranking Analyzer

Business and Marketing Modelling

From 19€ monthly or one-time as credits

 (plus setup if necessary interfaces)

Your benefits

  • Easy to use

    by a user-friendly interface

  • All at a glance

    thanks to a clear and optimal structure

  • Efficient optimization

    through detailed analysis of your weaknesses & optimization possibilities

  • Cancellable monthly

    No hidden costs or long-term commitment

The tools at a glance

Keyword Analyzer

How often are your products and services searched for on Google, Amazon & Co. We’ll show you – or you can test it yourself!

Website Analyzer

How does your website perform? Do the self-check!

Visibility Analyzer

Where does your website rank on the Internet? How do you perform compared to your competitors? Find out right now with the Visibility Analyzer. Test now!

Ranking Analyzer

What are the rankings of your websites and keywords on Google & Co. Find out. Test now! 

UX Analyzer

Quickly find relevant keywords
For Google, Amazon, YouTube, etc.
All relevant information at a glance

Your direct contact!